Candy Corn KeyChain!


October is my favourite month! (No, it’s not my birthday month.)

I love Halloween and it’s finally coming! I’m being “Amy Rose the Hedgehog” from “Sonic Boom.”

So have you ever been left with a boring, UN-Halloween, brown bag to carry your treats in?

Say goodbye to that issue! and meet this Lil buddy to “dress up” your plain bag…

CandyCorn Pattern; BasicCornCandyCorn Pattern; CornCostumes!

I know, right? Not anything at all. Just a pattern, but he’ll/she’ll be pretty cute when Finished.

you’ll need:

  • to save the image above (and Print!)
  • 3 colours felt (Yellow, Orange, White OR 3 colours of your choice)
  • a key-chain hook (optional)
  • white thread
  • a needle
  • and the Confidence to do it.

Candcorn STeps_0181

1. First you have to cut out the felt colours, following the pattern.

Candcorn STeps_0177 Candcorn STeps_0170

2.  Hand-sew the orange piece like Pictures A and B.


Candcorn STeps_0171


Candcorn STeps_0172

3. Cut out the middle (yellow), and sew it up to the orange.

Candcorn STeps_0179

4. sew the “white-circle-that-looks-like-a-pizza/pie-slice-has-been-taken-out”, so it looks like a cone.

Then sew it to the yellow/middle piece. (by the way, before you sew this piece on, Flip it inside out and stuff it).

Candcorn STeps_0178Candcorn STeps_0185

5. Cut a piece of yarn or string to match DOUBLE the length shown on the pattern. P.S. IF you want to skip this step to make it a toy, Go ahead and

jump to step 7.

Candcorn STeps_0182

6. Now, cut 2 slits at the top of your Corn. Then thread the string through, and add the key-chain hook.

Candcorn STeps_0183

7. now using the Costume Pattern (Pattern to the Right), decorate your little key-Corn.

Candcorn STeps_0173

and now I’m Ready!

TIP: after the Halloween festivities have ended, you can use your key chain for…. keys!! 🙂  or whatever you like… enjoy!!