Heyo! I’m Livie, a Teenager with quite a bit of;


Fabulous Hair



and Fabulous Hair.Β (wait… did I say that already???)

You so happen to be on MY BLOG. Yes. MY BLOG. MINE.Β  Now before asking how you wound up here? Well. You either 1. Followed the link on Social Media 2. Searched up my Web via Business Card, or 3. Used some other Method I know Not of.

On this Blog, I’ll be posting;

Daily Updates – These are Almost/Practically Lifestyle things… Like Hauls, Reviews? and Literally ME just Blabbing about everything on the Face of the Earth. Seriously. No Kidding.

DIY Tutorials – Ahh, Yes. My Specialty. In here I’ll Teach you how to Draw, Make, Sew, and Maybe Cook? (I’m not quite sure…. but I CAN make a Mean Apple Crumble…..) These will be hopefullyΒ  PROBABLY the most Common thing on this Site. If I haven’t made anything under this Topic, I’ve probably came down with noideasforonceomgitis. Which in this case (and Always will be Accepted) I’ll have YOU do the Idea making/suggesting!

Idea/Art Dumps – Yeah. Personally I’m Very comfortable sharing every Possible Idea that Comes to mind, Giving me a Need to Post. So I’ll be Uploading my Art AND Concepts here for you guys…. Like an Exclusive! :”)

and Also I’ll be making sure that 99% of My YouTube Videos get up here! So As Long as you Subscribe to my Blog, You’ll be getting Updates on when I post a Video, InCase you miss it. πŸ™‚

SO! Why are you still Reading this??? Hmm? Go and Look at all my Other Good Stuff! And Please- Believe in Everything, INCLUDING YOURSELF. ❀

Toodles! ~Liv





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