It’s been AGES! πŸ˜°πŸ’›

Hey Guys! It’s Livie, and Ummm… I haven’t written ANYTHING Since November 2017.

That’s Not Right.

Where have I been for the Past (Roughly) Year??

Taking Photos of small toys.
I can.Β πŸ˜†

I hope to start posting on here more often. Again. I also have plans for YouTube!

I already have a video out, But I’m working on more! I will not have a schedule for now, but once I start cranking content out… a schedule might be involved. I don’t know.

I hope you stick around, and yeah! I have BIG PLANS! So, maybe Subscribe and help me get to 100?


~ LivΒ πŸ’›

-side note… Yes. I’m Aware the link takes you to a Channel called “Hey! It’s Daisii”. Yes. That’s me.Β 

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