Fashion Concepts 🍂 Modern Witch Hat 🍂

Ello! I’ve got something Special for this Friday!!

SO!!! I’ve noticed in Artwork, etc. that MODERN WITCHES (because deep down we’re all at heart. 🎃)  Are quite popular in Social Media right now! psst! follow me here!!!

So! Personally, seeing all those neato witch hats, I wanted to create some DIY tutorial on that! BUT. Our SUPER COOL BASEMENT ART SPACE is nearly ready… but just not quite. Either way, with the Basement ready or not… I ALWAYS need to work out those things BEFORE I start making my tutorials… With that said, Instead of a Tutorial, HAVE SOME ART!!!

These are just some drawings on how to construct the Witch hats and such…  😘


I understand its messy… and I apologize. But Concepts can be messy… Don’t worry though,

  1. an abstract idea; a general notion.
    “structuralism is a difficult concept”

See? Concepts are just an Idea… so the full and final tutorial will be Cleaner! If you follow my Blog, you’ll hear about it sooner!! Anyway. I had also made up these lil’ Fashion thing… as Bonus. 💜

Modern Witch 1


anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek!

Keep Making!



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